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Pinterest: A Blogger Outreach Secret Weapon [VIDEO]

Have you incorporated blogger outreach into your PR 2.0 toolbox? I’ve written extensively about blogger relations as a key tactic for brands looking to excel in a social world. An extension of this type of outreach, brands are creating experiences that bridge the digital/physical divide. For example, the Cleveland Indians are now accepting applications for their social suite. Outback Steakhouse surprised a loyal fan with an incredible birthday gift. Outback also asked me to be a “social media correspondent” for the Outback Bowl earlier this year — using social channels to convey the bowl-game experience to those following along online.

Personalization is key to effective blogger outreach, whether you’re trying to engage bloggers online or in the “offline” world. A general rule of thumb: The more personalized a campaign — and the more opportunities for bloggers to personalize their participation — the better the campaign will be.

Brands looking to engage bloggers in brand ambassador-style campaigns spend a significant amount of time researching bloggers to ensure they’re the right fit, in terms of reach, audience, alignment of values and interests, etc. Until recently, much of that research took place on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Maybe even YouTube, Flickr and Instagram. Now, add Pinterest to the list.

People are sharing all kinds of personal items on the site, creating dream boards, identifying motivators and inspiration, revealing details about the kinds of food they like, movies and books they enjoy, and even details about their families. This info is like gold when trying to identify and establish relationships through virtual channels.

Want to take it to another level? Check out this brilliant blogger ambassador campaign from Kotex. The use of Pinterest to identify and engage online influencers is so smart:

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