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House Rules

Plenty of agencies offer traditional and digital PR services. So, what makes Geben different? It’s the “house rules” we’ve created and play by.

These are the guiding philosophies that shape how we approach our work, interact with clients/partners, and support each other. These 10 rules provide context for decision-making. It’s how I evaluate personnel, clients, partnerships and internal interactions. Just in the last week alone, I’ve turned to the house rules for guidance when weighing difficult decisions. Interestingly. the decision was far less difficult than I thought it would be, because I had a solid frame of reference and clear-cut guidelines. When you articulate and live by your values, clarity appears.

Here are our House Rules:

  1. Embrace the crazy. In our line of work, things are sometimes chaotic. It is what it is. Instead of stressing about it, be nimble and enjoy the opportunity!
  2. No jerks allowed. We have the freedom and flexibility to choose who we work with. There are too many opportunities and too many amazing people in our industry to waste time working with people who don’t follow The Golden Rule.
  3. Celebrate successes. Whether it’s a big win or a small moral victory, celebrate it. Pause to reflect, and enjoy how far you’ve come. And, then get back to it and work toward the next victory. 
  4. Do well by doing good.  We believe that by giving back — through volunteering time, providing pro bono services, or making financial contributions — we’ll be rewarded in multiple ways.
  5. Design your day. Work when and where you’re most productive. Focus on delivering high-quality results instead of billable hours.
  6. Plan smart. Implement smarter. Once we define what success looks like for a specific project or client, make sure the day-to-day activities sync up with the big-picture goals.
  7. Own it. Even if you don’t own it. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. Take pride, ownership and responsibility in everything you touch — from large projects to small details. Together, we’re on a journey to build something amazing.
  8. Partnering and connecting is our competitive edge. Immense value lies in our ability to build committed partnerships and connect dots, people and opportunities.
  9. Teamwork makes the dream work. Through collaboration, we deliver better results. 
  10. Innovate best practices. “The way it’s always been done” doesn’t have to be the way we do it. Always look for opportunities to improve. Stay ahead of the curve. Nail the basics, and then add some sizzle.


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