Carefully Crafted on January 03

Introducing #RewriteTheRules (PODCAST)

Progress happens when someone decides “the way it’s always been done” … is done.

We’re living in an era where norms are being upended. (Perhaps most notably: The #MeToo movement has shifted workplace policies so sexual harassment and abuse can’t be swept under the carpet.) Who is rewriting the rules? How does an individual decide to shirk the status quo? What lessons can we all learn from disruptors?

That’s the focus of my new podcast, #RewriteTheRules. I’m hosting conversations with people who are rewriting the rules – from entrepreneurship, gender norms, and parenting … to workplace policies and social justice … plus whatever else comes up that we think is interesting. Episode 7 is out today!

Sound interesting? Please subscribe! (iTunes | Android) We won’t inundate your pod feed (promise!), and each episode is pretty short, so you can listen while getting ready in the morning, running errands, or cooking dinner.

If you’re a regular reader of prTini, you’ll notice I barely blogged at all last year. Instead, I shifted my time allocated for content creation to focus on the podcast. (I’ll share a blog post soon about the mechanics of launching a podcast and lessons we’ve learned along the way!) While I hope to be a bit more consistent with blog posts this year, most of my content creation time will be dedicated to podcasting.

Who do you know that rewrites the rules in their lives? I’d love to interview them. What topics are you interested in learning more about? Let me know and I’ll add them to our list!

Thanks for reading prTini and (hopefully!) for listening to #RewriteTheRules!

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