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We Need Your Help Honoring Vets in November

This past summer, you may recall a campaign my husband and I created a campaign called Why We Celebrate, designed to honor the troops during Independence Day weekend. It exceeded our expectations, and now, we’re back, ready to celebrate Veterans Day. But, there’s a twist: We’re partnering with the VFW Foundation on a month-long campaign to collect virtual thank-you notes.

For this campaign to really be successful — and to make sure active-duty and retired military understand the depth of our gratitude — we need your help. We’ve created a virtual “wall” on the VFW Foundation’s site. Now, we need your thank-you notes. You in?

Participating is simple:

  • Tweet your gratitude using the #WhyWeCelebrate or #ReturntheFavor hashtags. Those messages will be pulled into the wall.
  • Write a blog post and share the link on the wall. (When you get to the wall, you’ll see a red button on the left that says “Add Your Post.”
  • Upload a video or photo to the wall.
  • Share the Return the Favor video message.
  • Share photos, videos and memories on the Why We Celebrate Facebook page
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to support the VFW Foundation’s programs and services. Just $10 allows 25 servicemen overseas to make a phone call home to their loved ones.

This cause is personal for me. My brother served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the 82nd Airborne. I bet many of you, too, know someone connected to the military. Think of the sacrifice they made. Now, can you spare a couple minutes to return the favor and post on the VFW Foundation’s thank-you wall?


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