Carefully Crafted on November 26

Tweeting Mumbai

So, how did I learn about the terrorist attack in India? Not on television … and certainly not from a newspaper. Not even from a blog. I first heard about it on Twitter — and, boy, did word spread like wildfire.

You may not use Twitter — and that’s ok. But, please take a minute to click on this link to read how people communicated the sheer terror in 140 characters or less. The link will take you to the stream of dialogue with updates about the attack. Many of the upates are firsthand accounts of the attacks. Thanks to Twitter, we can see unfiltered raw emotion …  fear … bewilderment. We don’t have to rely on a news anchor or reporter to tell us their interpretation of events. We can see for ourselves exactly what people are experiencing. Thanks to technology, we are so connected that we are able to “watch” a terrorist attack via tweets.

In the less than five minutes it took me to write this post, 72 more “tweets” have been sent out about Mumbai. Talk about global connectivity. Seriously, check out the link. You won’t read anything like it from the traditional media.

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