Carefully Crafted on November 24

Blogging a Personal Tragedy

WIth nearly 80 million blogs, you can probably find one on just about any topic. Baseball, politics, gossip … you get the point.

Today, I came across a new kind of blog — one that details a mother experiencing a tragedy. The Domestic Diva blogs about her new clothes line and her get-togethers with friends, but more importantly, she chronicles her daughter’s kidney failure and subsequent need for a transplant. Her daughter has a rare condition and will only match one in 50 people in the general population. The “diva” uses her blog as an outlet to let friends and family — and total strangers — know how they can be tested as a potential donor. Reading the blog is just sad. There’s no better word for it.

I’m constantly amazed at the things the Internet empowers people to do. Hopefully, this remarkable mode of communication can help save a young girl’s life. Read the blog and keep that family in your thoughts this Thanksgiving.


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