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7 Tweetable TedX Moments from @PeterShankman & @AlizaLicht

Are you a fan of TED Talks? I am. I’m also constantly amazed by the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet thanks to Twitter. So, yesterday, when two of my favorite “Twitter friends” spoke at TEDx Times Square, I couldn’t wait to hear their words of widsom. Openness was the theme of this TEDx, which Aliza Licht (aka @dkny) and Peter Shankman weaved throughout their talks. Here are a few tweetable soundbites from each presentation:

from @AlizaLicht:

“I don’t believe that if your job is X , Y and Z that you can’t also dabble in A, B and C.” CLICK TO TWEET

“If we focus on commonalities more, the would be a better place.” CLICK TO TWEET

“Sharing breeds openness, and openness breeds collaboration and partnership. And I truly believe if you’re open you can lead the way and others will follow.” CLICK TO TWEET

from @PeterShankman:

“Share things that make people smile.” CLICK TO TWEET

“Get the audience you want by being nice to the audience you have.” CLICK TO TWEET

“All you need to do is be one level nicer than crap.” CLICK TO TWEET

“Good people are very hard to find. Create things that influence people to believe that you are the good person that you are. They will tell the world about you.” CLICK TO TWEET

Want to watch Aliza and Peter’s full talks? Or, any of the other presenters? Click here to watch the full video. Aliza’s talk starts around the 2:40 mark and is immediately followed by Peter’s presentation.


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