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Save the Date: Chatmixer on March 9

For all the talk about how much networking happens online … how blogs, Twitter and other forums have helped facilitate connections that wouldn’t have otherwise happened — do you ever feel like you chat with the same people on a regular basis? Like you live in a relatively insulated network, despite the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of your peers online?

If so, let me introduce you to #chatmixer. Justin Goldsborough, Valerie Simon and I hope to help people interested in PR and social media forge new connections and build their network by hosting a virtual Twitter event — the first time that all the PR/SM chats will join forces.

Chatmixer Save the Date

Tuesday, March 9

8 p.m. eastern

On this one night, all chat participants are invited to join in one, huge conversation — and you get to pick the topics. Chat hosts will begin inviting their respective communities this week, and each chat has been encouraged to submit a question for the discussion. Feel free to submit other questions by using the #chatmixer hashtag.

We’ve reached out to nearly 20 chats focused on various aspects of PR, blogging, social media and marketing, and are happy to report a very positive response! Later this week, my #pr20chat co-moderator Justin Goldsborough will share a post with some logistical info, including which chats are confirmed participants. In the coming weeks, we’ll have lots more details to share — including some fantastic giveaways — but in the meantime, we hope you’ll add this to your calendar and make plans to join us.

**If you’re a chat host and didn’t hear from us, we didn’t mean to exclude you. It’s hard to keep track of all the chats now taking place. Please leave us a comment or email me (heather [at] gebencommunication [dot] com) and we’ll be happy to include you!


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