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Public Relations Ethics

Not only has Web 2.0 added additional layers of communication to the practice of public relations, but it seems that social media has introduced communicators to a new set of ethical challenges. In fact, this led to a series on pr-squared (which I’d highly recommend you read). During this week’s PR 2.0 Chat (aka #pr20chat), we took an in-depth look at some potentially sticky situations.

Spend a few minutes thinking about these questions. What’s your take?

  • Is ghostblogging ok or unethical?
  • What about ghost-tweeting? Fair game or unethical?
  • Do PR pros need to disclose when tweeting about client? If so, how?
  • Is it ever ok to delete a comment on a blog, FB page, etc? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever read the PRSA Code of Ethics? Do we need a SM Code?
  • Your boss asks you to withhold (or add) details in a press release — significantly altering the story. How do you respond?
  • A reporter calls looking for sensitive info. Is it acceptable or unethical to wait until his/her deadline passes to call back?
  • Your client is exaggerating claims about a new product’s benefits. What do you do?
  • Client accidentally misrepresents the facts during interview. What do you do? What if it’s a live interview?
  • How do you handle a Facebook fan w/ very strong opinions that disrupt the conversation? Is it OK to block that person?
  • Lines blur btwn PR & content creator. How do you handle clients who want coverage in your blog?
  • If long-time client breaks the law, are you obligated to continue representing?
  • If someone asks you to do something unethical, how do you respond?

Additional resource: PRSA Code of Ethics

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