Carefully Crafted on January 09

My "Built In Cbus" Story

If you read this blog or follow me on Twitter, you may know that my company does a fair amount of PR for startup and technology clients. While half of our business is with companies in Ohio, all of our tech/startup work is outside this market. (The PR person in me says the local technology community needs to do a better job promoting its successes, but that’s a topic for another blog post.)

You  might not know it, but Central Ohio has an active startup community. That’s why I love projects/organizations like Built In Cbus, WakeUpStartUp, TechColumbus and other groups focused on supporting and promoting local entrepreneurs. So, when Built In Cbus asked to interview me and share the Geben story, I was flattered! Want to know how Geben got its start, why I don’t believe in answering the dreaded “where will you be in five years”-question, and who our most famous client is? It’s all in this five-minute video. Thanks for watching (and don’t make fun of my hat!) 🙂

Built in Cbus | Heather Whaling from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

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