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HOW TO Measure PR and Social Media on #pr20chat

#pr20chat May 11 Chat Preview with Heather Whaling from dan farkas on Vimeo.

#pr20chat Takes an In-Depth Look at Measurement

How can you tell if your PR efforts are succeeding or falling on deaf ears? What should you be measuring? And how? And why? Measurement is one of the biggest challenges facing the PR industry. For far too long, agencies have offered ad equivalency reports as a justification for time spent on media relations; however, this doesn’t accurately communicate the value of earned media, nor does it account for all the other components of an integrated PR initiative.

That’s why tomorrow (Tuesday, May 11), we’ll be devoting the whole hour of the #pr20chat to measurement. And, we’ll be joined by self-described “measurement fanatic” Shonali Burke, who will offer insights, advice and tips to help PR pros improve measurement. Join us from 8-9 pm ET to chat all things measurement. And, if you have questions you’d like us to pose to the group, feel free to leave them in the comments, or send them to @jgoldsborough or myself (@prtini).

5 PR Measurement Resources

  1. A New Mindset is Needed, by Katie Paine
  2. Guidelines and Standards for Measuring the Effectiveness of PR Programs and Activities, from the Institute for Public Relations
  3. Are we there yet?Diagnostic vs Objective Social Media Metrics, by Christopher S. Penn.
  4. How to Create Measurable Objectives, by Amber Nasland
  5. If You Do Your Job Right, Nobody Will Ask About Social Media ROI, by Shel Holtz

A big thanks to my friend Dan Farkas, the mastermind behind this video. A former TV reporter-turned-PR guy, Dan understands the importance of storytelling — and how video can bolster communication efforts. Connect with Dan on Twitter at @danfarkas.

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