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Getting Started in Social Media: First Steps First

While it may seem like everyone has caught social media fever, there are lots (and lots!) of brands that haven’t considered if/how social media can help their business. Every day, there are new companies just creating a Facebook page … a Twitter account … or a blog. Companies are just beginning to explore LinkedIn or Flickr or niche Ning networks.

For someone tasked with figuring out social media, it can be overwhelming. Especially when research shows only 12% of companies are using social media effectively. (Part of the problem lies in the fact that companies aren’t taking the time to create social media strategies, but I digress …)

If your company isn’t engaged in social media, where should you start? I recently posed that question on Twitter and received some advice worth sharing:

“1st would be to register their name on @Twitter & Facebook & other sites. Keep in mind less is more with length.” — @MVNUSID (Note: @chickhuber, @kellyLM and @juliannem also suggested securing names on social media sites)

“1) have a strategy. Has to relate to bottom line. 2) Dive in. It’s trial and error for everyone. 3) have fun. This is SOCIAL media” — @ThomasJArmitage

“1) what are the competitors doing 2) register their company name and claim their brand on sites 3) get educated about social media” — @JGfromOC

“1. Determine where/if company’s audience hangs out on social media & identify 2-3 platforms that make the most sense” — @LauraScholz

“Determine comm objectives first and let research tell them if #SM should be used. If it should be, ensure it can be sustained.” – @joelfortner03

“develop calendar…then stick to it. I would also tell them to link the strategy to their overall marketing goals and themes…” — @danfarkas

“1st thing – Research what competition is doing in social media; provides a shortcut” — @KseniaCoffman

“They should look into what their competition is doing with SM platforms, what they’re saying, how they’re interacting w/clients…” — @IvetteMarques

“Choose or define the target in social media, get in, initiate a conversation with one topic (don’t sell, just talk)” — @nadinarivas

“Put together an action and marketing plan. And then LISTEN and train the heck out of your people. Then touch a computer.” — @artchickhb

What advice would you offer a company that is just starting to think about social media?


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    Getting Started in Social Media: First Steps First…

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