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Double Shot: How To Be More Effective

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Double Shot” post, but this week, I read two very helpful “how to” posts that I wanted to share, especially relevant for nonprofits and others operating on a budget (and who these days isn’t?!?), and those interested in learning more about effectively measuring PR and social media:

  • HOW TO: Set up a Free Online Monitoring System,” courtesy of Sarah Evans. This post offers a step-by-step guide to monitor your brand without breaking the bank. Online reputation management — and actively watching what’s being said about your brand, and the people and keywords associated with it — really isn’t optional at this point. This post uncomplicates the process for you.
  • How To Create Measurable Objectives, by Amber Naslund. You can’t actually measure if your communication efforts are working if you don’t start by correctly establishing measurable objectives, right? Amber offers a crash course in goals vs. objectives vs. strategies vs. tactics — a must-read for anyone getting ready to develop a communication strategy. You must get this part of the plan right from the get-go. Related, my friend Shonali Burke is starting a new Twitter chat focused on discussing how to measure PR. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Feb. 2 at noon EST and follow the #measurePR hashtag.

What were your favorite posts from this past week? And, if you see posts that you think should be featured in an upcoming “double shot,” feel free to email me at heather [at] gebencommunication [dot] com.

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