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10 Ideas to Revive the Clip

Much has been written about how Web 2.0 is forcing the public relations industry to evolve. It’s true. For example, we’re now incorporating bloggers into our media outreach … developing social media releases … and conversing with consumers online. But, that doesn’t mean the more traditional aspects of our job are irrelevant. For example, generating positive media coverage remains a significant part of what we do.

However, declining readership means a clip in your local newspaper or a trade publication doesn’t carry as much weight as it used to. If you’re measuring OUTPUTS, a clip might be enough. But, I bet most of us didn’t get into this business just to churn out press releases and clips. Aren’t we in PR because we want to improve communication? To move the needle? Influence public perception? If you’re measuring OUTCOMES, clips aren’t enough because fewer and fewer people are seeing them. The challenge for today’s PR person is to find alternate delivery mechanisms.

The clip isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

(This is the part where we have to remember that the old-school silo approach doesn’t work.)

So, what can we do to breath new life into a traditional clip? Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Create an email campaign around it
  2. Blog about it
  3. Mail a copy of the article, with a handwritten note, to “A-list” prospects
  4. Post the link and an excerpt on your company’s Facebook page
  5. Share it with appropriate LinkedIn groups
  6. Include it in sales materials
  7. Send personal emails to key contacts with the link
  8. Share it with employees via an Intranet or other internal communication tools
  9. Discuss article themes in more depth via podcast or video
  10. Use it as the basis for a webinar

Your turn: How else are you getting the most bang out of each clip?


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