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Make Time for What’s Important

TimeIn church yesterday (keep reading, I promise, I’m not getting preachy …), the minister’s sermon focused on the traditional importance of Sundays in the family structure. Think back to when you were little. Perhaps you remember Sundays being a relaxing, lazy day. Or, maybe you remember Sundays full of energy, surrounded by family. Whatever your specific memory, for many of us, Sundays are the ONE day that produce instant recall. Over time, this special time and the developing of Sunday traditions decreased. Interestingly, the minister noted that if you talk to two people having relationship issues, they often say “they drifted apart.” Setting time aside on Sundays is a way to hedge your bets against this all-too-common problem. No one is too busy to spend some time with family. It’s just a matter of priorities.
I left the service with many takeaways for my personal life, but I also left with a big takeaway for my approach to work: “Too busy” isn’t a valid excuse. It’s a prioritization problem. For example, I used to block out 45 minutes three times a week to just read about trends and emerging technologies. As I’ve gotten busier, I’m not as diligent about protecting that uninterrupted time. Why? I don’t know, but it’s an important piece of what I do to help clients innovate their communication strategies. So, starting today, I’m re-prioritizing and blocking out time for reading and research once again.

Throughout the week, I’ll be assessing how I’m spending my time, and if I’m really focusing on the right priorities — at home and at work. Want to join me?

Photo credit: Janet Ramsden

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