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The Intersection of Content, Creativity and Communication

This is a guest post from Sara Halperin.

For those just beginning to learn about public relations and for those who need reminding, here are three simple things to remember about strategy when creating products, managing communities, giving presentations, or otherwise engaging with clients, consumers, donors, and your target audience: Content, Creativity, Communication.

Content first has to be relevant, accessible, and applicable. Your content must be useful, helpful and timely. First and foremost, know the purpose and keep that crystal clear in your mind while you are creating content. Make sure that your content is accessible; both that everything is properly labeled and identified, that the title reflects the content and that the content itself is clear, concise, and free of jargon or acronyms. Be sure to make your instructions applicable and provide examples, instructions, or external resources for further reference.

Remember that content must be presented in context with strategy and originality. Creativity in presentation is what sets a brand or individual apart. Don’t be afraid to use your own voice to present. After all, no idea in and of itself is completely original; it’s your style that makes it unique and your presentation that will resonate with others. Diction, rhythm, and tone will let your song soar. Without texture and harmony, it isn’t music, it’s just noise. Even when the points have been punctuated before, it’s the way you connect the dots that presents the big picture. It isn’t what you’re painting, but the brush strokes that make you an artist.

Communication rounds out the success of any public relations venture. Open, honest communication between colleagues, amongst business partners, with clients, and to the public is extremely important. Everyone benefits most when the presentation is genuine. Remember that communication works both ways and that a complaint can lead to innovation and improvement. When keeping in mind the Latin roots of the word, it’s obvious that communication implies sharing, strengthening, and including the audience in the discussion. It is important to honor the opportunities that true communications offer for improvement of products and services, growth of business, and sharing of information across platforms and throughout networks.

What does all of this accomplish? Successful strategy involving content, creativity, and communication in public relations creates mutual trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty and expansion.

Sara Halperin is a working professional for a non-profit in downtown Washington, DC and has just launched her own website at, where she writes about the creative process.

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