Carefully Crafted on May 03

The Best Compliment is a Referral

I’ve always been a big believer in under-promising but over-delivering, of exceeding client expectations, and doing everything in my power to complete the task at hand. As a business owner, I take that responsibility even more seriously now. After all, it’s my name on the (proverbial) door. It’s my reputation and credibility on the line. I don’t want to disappoint. I’m elated when clients tell me that we are doing a good job and that they value us as part of their team. And when a client sends me a business lead? Pretty sure that’s the best compliment I can receive.

Why am I telling you this?

Because there’s lesson we can all learn. We’re all working hard every day. But, how often do we stop to tell our employees, partners or vendors that we appreciate their efforts? Do we play matchmaker and connect the dots between people in our networks who could benefit from knowing each other? How often do we refer business to a trusted partner or offer advice to help them land a big contract?

Sometimes, it’s those little gestures that mean the most. As we all work to build our virtual networks, our capacity to connect others also increases. What are some ideas to show appreciation and connect in meaningful ways?

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