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Spin Sucks: What You Need to Know

If you’re in PR, you likely read Spin Sucks, Gini Dietrich’s blog, on a regular basis. Did you know Spin Sucks is now a book, too? Out this week, Gini has authored a book for those of us in communication who know PR is evolving and that “the way it’s always been done” isn’t the way forward. Whether you’re a new PR pro, new to merging traditional + digital PR, or simply looking for some inspiration to give your PR efforts a facelift, Spin Sucks (the book) is for you.

Want to grab a copy of the book? Here you go.

If you’ve ever read a post on Spin Sucks (the blog) that got you thinking, inspired a new idea, or helped you think about PR from a different perspective, you know that Gini invests a massive amount of time into that blog and community. She’s giving away a ton of knowledge and resources for free. Want to show her a little bit of gratitude and help her achieve her goal of being a New York Times best-selling author? Here are a handful of ways to support Gini this week:

  • Enter the Facebook contest for fun giveaways, which you can find on the Arment Dietrich Facebook page.
  • If you buy the book before Saturday, email Gini a copy of your receipt, and she’ll send you $200 worth of free content.
  • For two organizations that buy 300 or more books before April 5 and pay for Gini’s expenses, she’ll speak at your conference for free!
  • Gini is hosting a webinar tomorrow at noon ET. Register here. Even if you can’t attend live, register so you can get the recorded video afterwards.

Snag the book and let’s keep pushing the PR industry forward. We all know that spin does indeed suck, and now we have the book to prove it! (Congrats, Gini!!)


P.S. When I was little, my mom banned the word “sucks” from our vocabulary. She hates it. Since she’s a regular reader of my blog, so I feel like I need to offer a little apology for the amount of times that word appeared in this post. Sorry, mom! 🙂


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