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3 Ways PR Pros can Use Slack to Get More Done


While internal collaboration platform Slack is the current darling of the tech world, the features are quite useful for PR pros, regardless of industry. For example:

  1. Collaboration, internally or with clients. This is the obvious example of how to use Slack. If you’re drowning from email overload; need a better way to brainstorm with your team; or want a collaboration hub for clients (internal or external), try Slack.
  2. Influencer feedback loop. Want to create a space to collect feedback from customers, beta testers, or influencers? Create a Slack channel. We helped launch a startup that created a channel for some of its most active customers. If you do something similar, use it as a space to collect feedback on new features, solicit ideas for future campaigns or updates, ask people what they’d like to see/hear from the company, test messaging, recruit new beta testers, etc. (Think back to how people have been using closed Facebook groups. Slack can function similarly.)
  3. SlackChats. And this is where the community aspect of Slack gets really interesting. While the Slack founders meant for it to be a collaboration/communication platform, it’s taken on a life of its own, as noted in PandoDaily: “When you build a great product that solves a real market need, users will flock to that solution and in many cases fund new and novel ways to make use of it.” Sort of like how communities congregated around hashtags on Twitter (think #pr20chat, #journchat or #blogchat), likeminded groups are finding a new home on Slack. SlackChats, created by Jeff Morris, Jr., is a directory to search and discover these communities. You can find chats about music, photography, marketing and other interests. From a PR person’s perspective, this can be a really helpful way to network, learn and understand the pulse of a community.

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