Carefully Crafted on April 18

Proof that Social Media Success Doesn't Require a Big Budget

My company, Geben Communication, is a boutique PR firm in Columbus, Ohio. Along the way, I’ve made decisions to ensure that we can work with small- to mid-sized businesses, startups and nonprofits — organizations that typically can’t afford the rates of the larger agencies. As a result, we’re typically charged to “do more with less.” (A challenge we LOVE, by the way!)

So, when we discovered this morning that our client, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, was selected as a finalist for the PR Daily Awards, we were thrilled. But, we were ecstatic when we realized the other finalists include Major League Baseball, American Airlines and GE — operations whose budgets are far larger than what we work with.

Normally, this isn’t the type of thing I’d share here on, but I do think it makes an important point:

You do NOT need a massive budget to excel in today’s social world.

I’ve blogged about some pieces of our work with the Columbus Marathon before (here | here). We don’t need an award to tell us that we’re doing good work. (After all, we track how our efforts sync up with measurable outcomes.) But, it’s nice to be reminded that the quality of work and the ability to deliver results isn’t always dependent on budget.

Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks to PR Daily for including us in such amazing company!




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