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prChatter: Mobile Photo Campaigns, Facebook Geotargeting & Measuring PR

I promise this post will be short and sweet. Today, we launched prChatter, a weekly enewsletter designed to help PR people at a very tactical level. Why did we decide to focus on tactics? While information about trends and research is certainly valuable, sometimes we skip over the real-world, day-to-day stuff. If we can see what’s worked well for other companies, we can begin to imagine how our own organization might be able to apply a similar approach. It seems like a new tool is being added to the PR toolbox every day — who can keep up with it all, right? prChatter can help there, too. We’ll highlight the tools and features that we’ve come across that are worth a second look. Not the latest “fad,” but tools that actually  can help you get from Point A to Point B.

So, if you’re interested in digital PR tactics, tools, best practices and case studies, I hope you’ll subscribe to the enewsletter. Just click here or enter your email address below. We’ll deliver it at the beginning of each week, giving you a handful of action items to hit the ground running with on Monday. And, if you missed today’s first issue, click here to read about mobile photo campaigns, Facebook geotargeting and creating a PR measurement index.

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As always, thanks for reading prTini. Have a great week!

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