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On Twitter's 5th Birthday, 7 Helpful Resources

Today, Twitter turns 5 years old. I know I’m thankful for this crazy 140-character invention. Personally and professionally, I get a lot of value from it. In fact, about 75% of my company’s new business is generated via social media. Some days I feel like Twitter helps me keep the lights on! Twitter, and social media more generally, has changed the trajectory of people’s careers … opened doors to new friends and new connections.

And, while I join all those people in saying “happy birthday, Twitter,” I thought it might be helpful to compile some Twitter resources. Here are seven of my favorite Twitter-centric posts, case studies, and resources. Read, enjoy and feel free to share with share with your clients, co-workers or anyone else you think would find this info helpful:

  • Twitter, Red Cross “Voluntweeters” to the Rescue in Chicago Blizzard — “The Blizzard of 2011 proved once again, that finding those who need your help, mobilizing followers to act, and genuinely engaging with all audiences leads to real results. Red Cross tweets, news and updates generated so much good will and credibility among the community, that offers of cash, blood donations and volunteer assistance immediately followed the snow storm.”
  • Twitter Chat Schedule — A spreadsheet of 200+ Twitter chats. (Shameless plug: Join #pr20chat on Tuesdays from 8-9pm to discuss technology’s influence on PR and social media, co-moderated by yours truly and Justin Goldsborough.)
  • 8 Tips to Pitch Media Better on Twitter — “These days, the media are flocking to Twitter in droves, and the platform presents a new opportunity for PR pros to connect with journalists and bloggers. However, pitching there has its own set of rules and best practices.”
  • 26 Keys to Twitter Success — “Have you ever wondered why some folks succeed on Twitter and others don’t? Rather than trying to convince individuals to give Twitter a whirl, I have had more luck just teaching them the lessons necessary for their success.”
  • 9 Ways to Build a Twitter Community with Substance — “Connecting with people is great, but don’t you want to connect with people who will enrich your experience overall?”
  • Twitter Worth the Effort — “Conclusion: The harder you work at applying social marketing tools, the better value you get from them.”
  • Getting Started with Twitter — A Twitter 101 whitepaper from the team at Sevans Strategy.

What are your go-to Twitter resources? Feel free to leave some link-love in the comments!

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