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Must-Follows: I'll Tell You Mine, You Tell Me Yours

Earlier this week, a PR student asked which PR/social media-related people I closely follow on Twitter. She didn’t mean “follow” in the Twitter sense. Instead, she wanted to know who are the people that I really pay attention to … don’t miss their updates … seek out information from them. Interesting question, right?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve identified a few people on Twitter that you really admire, learn from or appreciate their business acumen. Maybe you’ve connected with these people in person … or not. Sometimes, skimming updates from these go-to people provide that extra bit of advice, motivation, reassurance or even a spark of creativity.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Sound good? My list:

  • @AmyJoMartin — Amy Jo’s firm, Digital Royalty, is always testing and experimenting with new ways to add the “human element” to brands, whether she’s working with a company or an individual. Her clients include athletes, celebrities, sports teams and leagues — totally different than the type of clients my firm works with. But, I love checking out what she’s doing and “remixing” the ideas in ways that are applicable to our own clients.
  • @DKNY — I think DKNY’s approach to Twitter is brilliant. The company’s PR person’s tweets provide a glimpse at the brand, as well as life as a PR person for a major fashion house in New York City. She’s interesting and engaging, whether she’s talking about fashion, offering advice for young PR pros, or opining on her favorite TV shows. I love her creativity and approach to social media. Her tumblr,, is also a must-read.
  • @JasonFalls — Jason recently became a client of mine, but I started following his tweets and blog long before we officially worked together. He shares a wealth of links and resources on Twitter, plus he’s funny and realistic. He lives up to the name of his book: No BS Social Media.
  • @TDefren — I had the pleasure of being on a panel with Todd Defren not long after I started Geben and he offered me a piece of invaluable advice. Since then, he’s evolved into something like a “virtual mentor” for me. He’s on the forefront of digital PR, plus he helped me think about how to grow my business, so I pay close attention to any and all advice he offers.
  • I also have a Twitter list of smart PR people, including @prsarahevans, @arikhanson, @dbreakenridge, @KellyeCraneand @jgoldsborough, that I follow pretty closely.

That’s my list of people I “stalk” on Twitter. (Not really … but I do follow them pretty closely.) Who do you keep tabs on?


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