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Meet + Tweet: 15 (More) Pros to Follow

Make the most of your day off by connecting with some of the industry’s brightest minds (While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter, A fresh AP[PR]OACH, to get a new Meet + Tweet suggestion sent to your inbox every Wednesday):

@aerocles: Agency pro. Brand hacker. Columnist. Digital strategist. You name it, David Teicher has done it (or written about it). David’s varied expertise makes him a go-to guy for real-time industry news, trends and analysis … and a must-follow for smart, savvy PR pros.

@CharlieCurve: The amount of wisdom Charlie Wollborg can pack into a single tweet is impressive. More impressive? The amount of wisdom he can pack into a blog post when he’s not limited to 140 characters. Our favorite Charlie-ism? “Passion, creativity and action are the only things you need to change the world. Back your big idea with a little PCA and bend the world to your will.

@dbreakenridge: New and seasoned pros alike can learn a thing or two from Deirdre Breakenridge, co-moderator of the monthly PR Student Twitter chat (#prstudchat). She’s always one step ahead of the latest PR trends and hot topics, and willing to share her tips on navigating the ever-changing industry.

@jasonfalls: Expect seriously smart social media insights with a side of sass when you follow Jason Falls. For good reason, he’s regularly named one of the most influential voices in social media. Plus, he’s the author or two of must reads: No Bullshit Social Media and The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing.

@lulugrimm: It doesn’t take long after following Lisa Grimm to realize this PR girl knows her stuff. She’s the perfect balance of smart, witty and crazy nice – surprisingly, a rarer combination than you’d think!

@megs2pt0: This one might be a little biased since Megan Severs signed on as Geben’s vice president of client services earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean her spot on this list is any less well-deserved. Not only is Megan an insanely talented PR pro, but she also shares our team’s obsessions with books, beverages, social media and social good.

@NickWestergaard: We’re big fans of innovating work beyond the typical 9-5 construct, so we’re all ears whenever Nick Westergaard and co-host DJ Waldow talk work habits, work-life balance and everything in between during their podcast, Work Talk Show. Nick is one of the most influential voices in digital marketing too, sharing fresh insights on his blog for nearly 10 years.

@_NicoleESpearsHave you ever met a PR student or young pro and thought to yourself while talking to him/her, “Now that’s someone who gets it?” That person is Nicole Spears. Expect big things from this OU grad turned NYC PR girl.

@prblog and @laermer (and @badpitch): If you’re not regularly reading Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer’s Bad Pitch Blog, stop what you’re doing and check it out. Right. Now. Chock full of examples of exactly what not to do if you want to succeed in PR.

@ryanleecox: Plenty of people talk about wanting to solve problems, but far less actually take action to do it … and that’s why we follow Ryan Cox. In addition to being super smart, Ryan is proof that when you put something good into the world, you never know what it will give in return.

@shonali: Shonali Burke is one of the smartest pros we know (not to mention one of the industry’s top bloggers!), especially when it comes to PR metrics and measurement. Always love her insights on how to measure/demonstrate success.

@stephanieflo: Simply put, Stephanie Florence gets it. She blends personality with interesting, relevant content, while also making connections and maintaining relationships. (Also why she makes the perfect #pr20chat co-host!) In doing so, Stephanie has established herself as a rising star in the industry.

@theSkimm: Okay, not technically a person … BUT, if you’re not signed up for theSkimm, you should be. A bite-sized summary of the day’s must-read headlines delivered to your inbox every morning is the perfect resource for PR pros (not to mention a daily dose of creative writing inspiration).

Who else do you recommend following on Twitter? Share your “must-follows” in the comments and we might feature them in an upcoming e-newsletter!Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.00.24 AM

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