Carefully Crafted on November 17

HRC as Secretary of State?

It’s rumored that Hillary Clinton will accept the Secretary of State position. I’m torn — not sure if this is good or not. I think Hillary could be a great leader in the Senate, helping Obama pass legislation that will help this country right the ship. But, at the same time, I also believe she could be a great diplomat as we begin repairing our international reputation.

Here are my questions:

  • How does Bill Clinton’s foreign involvement play into this? Not one to ever think a woman should be passed over because of her husband — but a Cabinet-level position is in a different stratosphere, thus requiring a higher threshold. That being said, I trust Obama’s judgemetn and if he thinks there are no conflicts of interest, than I’m on board.
  • What happens to Hillary after this job? Multiple media reports have noted that Secretaries of State rarely last a full term — let along two terms. So, what does Hillary do next? Is she setting herself up for a run in 2016? Would she be better off leading Congress? It’s rare that long-term senators actually get elected President, so maybe Hillary is looking for a national position outside the Senate.
  • Who will be the new junior senator from New York? I bet Elliot Spitzer is really wishing he had stayed away from the hookers now!
  • How does the Guardian get the scoop? If this report is true, a United Kingdom paper will get credit for the scoop. How is it that a paper in the UK outworked the long line of American journalists and bloggers to get this story? Hello, journalists?!? I know the election is over, but there’s still news to uncover!

What do you think about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?



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