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HOW TO: Create a PR Plan Timeline

Hard to believe, but we’re getting close Q4. (Seriously, where did the year go?!) For many organizations, this means it’s time to start creating a 2011 communication strategy. Taking a long-term approach to integrated communication is well worth the effort. You can increase your communication effectiveness by understanding how PR, email marketing, social media, internal communication, community relations — and so on — go hand in hand.

Here are two resources if you’re  new to this kind of planning: First, a presentation that reviews the very basics of planning — what to plan and how to stay flexible, strategic and relevant. The second is a timeline template that I use for some of Geben’s small-business clients. You’ll need to modify the the categories, remembering to align with your organization’s goals and objectives.

HOW TO: Start Creating a PR Plan

Template: Public Relations Plan Timeline

How does your small business or organization approach long-term planning? Is each department responsible for creating a plan, or do you all work together on a more integrated approach?

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