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Honda's Facebook "Love" Experiment

Everyone knows someone who loves a Honda. At least, that’s what Honda is out to prove with their heavily-promoted “Facebook experiment.”

If you watched football this weekend, you probably saw more than a handful of Honda ads. But, instead of driving viewers to the main Honda website, the commercials encouraged users to visit, where they’re greeted with the Honda Facebook love experiment!

Upon arriving, users see:

Honda Facebook

Want to help Honda prove the experiment? Tell them what Honda you’re in love with, or invite your friends to declare their Honda adoration.

Love Honda

I Love

After a soft launch in August, Honda is making a big push, supported by a significant ad buy. Britt, from RPA, the agency that created the campaign, left a comment on another blog in August providing some additional insight:

I’m the PR manager here at RPA. Here’s a bit of background about the Honda’s Facebook social experiment:
Honda launched its official Facebook page earlier in August ( with a social-experiment application to show how everyone knows someone who loves a Honda—think six degrees of separation. The initial page Facebook users land on will ask users to join the social experiment. From there, users can become a fan of Honda and become a fan of Insight, Fit and Accord Crosstour. The remaining nine Honda vehicles will have fan pages in the near future. Once users participate, they can see how they are connected to their friends, view a chain of friends in their Honda web, and find out just how long their chain extends around the world—e.g., XX people in XX countries. Early participants in the social experiment may also be chosen to appear in a national TV spot for this significant Honda Brand campaign, set to launch in early October.

With more than 116,000 fans and counting, Honda may be on to something. Who doesn’t take friends’ and family members’ opinions into consideration during the car buying process? When I buy a car, I ask lots of people for input. Honda knows that — and now they’re simplifying the process by showing us which of our friends are also their fans.

I like that Honda uses their TV ad buy to drive the online campaign. But, I wonder why the main Honda website doesn’t link to the Facebook campaign (at least that I could find)?

What do you think about Honda’s “love” campaign? Do you know someone who loves Honda?


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