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Double Shot: Jason Falls Edition

Note: This is a new feature here on prTini — the Double Shot. Each Friday, I’ll share links to two resources, two useful blog posts or introduce you to two people. What better way to end the week (or kick-off the weekend) than with a Double Shot from prTini? Here we go …

Maker's MarkFor the inaugural Double Shot, I wanted to share two social-media resources focused on strategy and integration. After going through my Google Reader and Delicious links, I realized that the two best posts I read this week came from the same person: one of my favorites, Jason Falls. As it turns out, earlier this year, I had the chance to grab drinks with Jason. If you know Jason at all, you know this Louisville guy has an affinity for Maker’s Mark bourbon. So, I guess it’s only logical that he would kick off the Double Shot. Now, onto the posts:

The 5 Essential Pillars of a Social Media Campaign — I’m baffled by companies that think it’s a good idea to jump into social media without a plan. In this piece, Jason explains why a solid social media strategy revolves around connectivity, generosity, honesty, personality and imagination. Read this social media framework “to drive buzz, business or both.”

Exploring Customer Service Using Twitter — Social media isn’t as simple as getting people to talk about you or your brand. There are viable business applications as well. We’ve all heard about @comcastcares as a “customer service best practice.” Jason offers 10 such case studies. If your boss doesn’t understand the business aspects of Twitter — specifically related to customer service — whip out this report.

Hope you find these helpful. If you have a second, let me know what you think about the Double Shot idea. What would you like to see here?

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik

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