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Golden Thoughts about the Olympics

Now that Tropical Storm Fay is moving on it’s time to go back to watching the Olympics. The second week is never as compelling as the first — I assume that’s why they’re dragging out the gymnastics event finals. Even so this has been the best Olympics that I can remember. Some observations:

  • We knew there were serious problems in China, and try as they might, the Chinese weren’t able to hide their control-freak-like behavior behind a glitzy opening ceremony and remarkable competition. What is wrong with the Chinese leaders? First, they issue fake passports and “correct” old media reports to sneak underage girls into the competition. Then, they tell a remarkable singer that she’s not cute enough for television. What lessons are these girls learning about sportsmanship, self-esteem, fairness, compassion and honesty? I guess this glimpse into the Chinese way of life should shed light on why the country is the way is is.
  • How great is Nastia? I think that’s my new favorite name. All the hype about Shawn Johnson, and Nastia’s the one who really put on a show.
  • There aren’t words to describe Michael Phelps. Somehow, I’m going to work in “Phelpsian feat” into my vernacular. And, maybe I’ll even be inspired to take advantage of the pool at the gym. Are those thing clean??
  • Commentators should get off their high horses and leave Bolt alone. Who cares that he was so excited as he officially became the fastest man in the world that he got a little expressive with his excitement? In a world of overguarded athletes afraid to say or do anything, we should appreciate Bolt’s pure joy.
  • Love the Visa gold commercials.
  • The woman who won the marathon was beyond impressive.
  • The American athletes seem more humble this year. It’s a refreshing break from stories we normally hear on SportsCenter about ego-centric athletes. Heck, even Kobe and LeBron are into the swimming. It’s nice to hear Kobe say that it’s cool to be excited about wearing the red, white and blue. Go “Redeem” Team!
  • It’s kind of weird that McCain is using the Olympics to attack Obama. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to air a  positive piece — taking advantage of the captivated audience to shape his own image? Seemed odd to me, but most of what McCain does seems a little off to me.

Woo-hoo! Time for diving … gotta love the Olympics.

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