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Do Well By Doing Good

Geben hires exceptionally talented people, all of whom could have their pick of jobs. Every day, individually and collectively, we make a choice to work here. What is it that keeps us coming back to Geben, instead of working elsewhere?

We pick Geben because it is the platform for all of us to do good. We truly believe that the more we give, the more we grow. And the more we grow, the more we give.

Interestingly, the thing about Geben that unites all of us is more than a love for communication. It’s the shared belief in doing well by doing good—a belief that pushes us through the frustrating days and prohibits complacency. This shared belief motivates us to embrace the crazy, innovate best practices, build unmatched client relationships, and take calculated risks.

We don’t just want to be successful. We want to be impactful.

This guides everything we do—from the clients we work with, the partnerships we enter, the people we add to our team. Most importantly, it’s fully immersed into our culture. We recently added a couple new components, as well:

Kiva to celebrate anniversaries. Flowers are great, but they die. Going forward, we’ll be more intentional about celebrating employees’ Geben-versaries. On their anniversary, employees will receive a $25 Kiva credit to fund projects through the platform that matter to them. They can research the projects, determine what to support, and at what level. As they get repaid on their loans, they can decide how to reinvest that money to support other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Geben Gives. Informally, we’ve always had an employee volunteer program – meaning, I’ve never said no to someone who asked to volunteer time to support a worthy cause. Now, we’re formalizing it: Each employee can donate up to 30 hours of time per year to causes that align with our company values. How they divvy up that time is up to them (client work, of course, remaining a priority). Employees are certainly encouraged to do more than this outside of work; however, if a project requires “day time” attention or skills/resources from their “job brain,” I want them to have the freedom and flexibility to say yes to the causes and organizations that matter to them.

These two new perks are in addition to the things we’ll continue to do, like quarterly service projects and supporting a wide range of nonprofit events through tickets, tables and sponsorships.

We believe in action over words, in showing up, and in leading by example. If an event is happening, we’re either all in, or we’re not there at all. And we’d much rather attend an event for an aspiring entrepreneur, support social enterprises or raise money for innovative nonprofits than just hand out business cards at a professional (boring!) networking event. In a room full of people who share values close to ours, we benefit as a business and as individuals. This is what allows us to do work that matters with people we like.

Personally, I want to spend my days with people who share this philosophy. We want to give more, so we can grow more. We want to grow more, so we can give more. That’s what defines #TeamGeben.

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