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Challenge: Incorporate "Work Away" Into Your Work Week

A couple months ago, I was drafting a bylined article for a client. I’d tried to work on it at various times throughout the week, and it just wasn’t happening. Then, on Sunday morning, the writer’s block evaporated and I finished the article in under an hour — in my pajamas … on my living room couch. And, if I do say so myself, the article was really well written. In fact, I’m convinced  that I couldn’t have written that article that well in the office. Phone calls, interruptions, distractions — all concentration killers.

Realizing that there are some projects that require uninterrupted concentration, I decided to institute “Work Away” at Geben. For at least half a day, once a week, each person is required to work from somewhere other than the office. Coffee shop, library, park, home — wherever they’ll be most productive. Each person can decide when to “Work Away” and what they’ll accomplish during that time. For some, they set aside that time for writing. Others use that time to plow through the “stragglers” on their to-do list. Sometimes, it’s when they brainstorm creative content strategy ideas for clients.

Where are you most productive? Imagine if you were encouraged to regularly work from there. Thanks to technology, there are few jobs that require you to be chained to your desk. Escape the office to discover a new sense of productivity.

Work Away … away from the office.

Who wants to test my theory? Let me know if “Work Away” helps you get more accomplished. And, what else do you do to improve your productivity?


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