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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing and PR Campaigns

Let’s say your company is blogging and on Facebook. Maybe you’re even using Foursquare, Twitter, or YouTube. You’re spending lots of time online, but how do you know that that’s time well spent? And, how does all this online interaction impact your communication efforts?

That’s the topic of my post over on Mashable, which went live today. The article covers five ways social media enhances communication campaigns (including real-world examples!):

  1. Start with a foundation of data.
  2. Better Understanding of the audience’s needs.
  3. Bypass gatekeepers and interact directly with targeted communities.
  4. Monitor and measure simultaneously.
  5. Put employees on the front lines.

After you click over to Mashable, come back to let me know how social media has changed your experiences with communication campaigns.


  1. […] marketing. Heather recently posted on her blog a link to a story she wrote for Mashable – “5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing Campaigns.” What I liked most about Heather’s post is her format and her use of external sources. […]

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