Carefully Crafted on November 11

Veterans Day: Beyond Tribute

My brother is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I continue to be in awe of him and his selflessness. Veterans Day is actually my brother’s favorite day of the year, which is why I wanted to share the 11-11 campaign with you.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to make my video blogging debut, as well. But, I had a couple technical difficulties:

  • You may need to turn your speakers up to hear what I’m saying. (Duly noted … I’ll fix that before my next video post!)
  • For some reason, embedding video isn’t working today. Grr, right? So, instead, click here for the YouTube video.

My next foray into video should be a little smoother. In the meantime, please take a couple minutes to watch this message and do what you can to show your appreciation for our veterans!

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