Carefully Crafted on December 10

55 Slides to Elevate Your Social Strategy

For organizations that rely on “real world” communities for support, advocacy and funding, social media can’t be ignored. (I hope if you’re reading this blog, then you agree with that line of thinking.) That said, many of these companies, organizations and government agencies are barely scratching the surface. Last week, I spoke to a statewide association of county agencies that provide services to people with disabilities. Clearly, these are organizations with a strong, important mission. The challenge: How can they communicate the value they deliver to the community, build advocates, educate taxpayers and create new opportunities for the people they serve? With social media, these agencies can appear as amazing online as they truly are “offline.”

Here are my slides. I hope you’ll find them helpful as you think about ways to elevate your social strategy to ensure that time online is time well spent.

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