Carefully Crafted on May 27

Recapping a Week of Social Media Discussions, Tips & Ideas

All week, I’ve been in New York for BlogWorldExpo. I’m an east-coast girl at heart, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in the city, walking everywhere and eating incredible food. Not only did I get to spend some quality face-to-face time with many of my “online friends,” but I also had the chance to participate in amazing discussions about PR and social media trends, best practices and what’s next. Here are some highlights …

BlogWorld Takeaways

  • As more companies and bloggers team up (either through paid opportunities or other kinds of partnerships), Jason Falls suggested brands understand the power of niche communities. A blogger may have a smaller niche, but a higher concentration of a higher-quality audience has value.
  • PR needs to understand that bloggers answer to their community, not an editor. (A point I made in this blogger outreach presentation.) As Jason explained, a blogger won’t disrespect their community by writing about something off-topic or irrelevant.
  • When you’re creating an influencer outreach campaign, give each person a customized URL for each tool. After the campaign, give them a report on what links on what sites converted best. As the campaign manager, you’ll need to know this info. And, the person will appreciate seeing the data so they can learn more about their audience. (Brilliant idea courtesy of Christopher Penn.)
  • When developing a content strategy, also plan how to share the content. How will you promote each piece of content you create to maximize visibility?
  • “Outputs are immature metrics that won’t be taken seriously by company execs..” — Dave Fleet

In next week’s prChatter (my weekly tactic-focused enewsletter), I’m going to share what it means to focus on “the whats” (another nugget of brilliance from Dave Fleet’s presentation). Just enter your email address below to make sure you don’t miss it. Focusing on “the whats” is a slightly different mindset, but it makes a lot of sense and will help you be a better PR pro. Enter your email address here and you’ll be all set!

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