Carefully Crafted on May 04

Ready to Launch: Checklists For Your Next Big Announcement

Spend enough time with me and you’ll probably hear the phrase “peak-and-valley PR.” Finding creative ways to avoid those valleys, or the downtimes between major announcements, is at the heart of what we do. Instead of letting coverage trickle off, we create opportunities to keep momentum moving. But while we emphasize the importance of steady coverage between newsworthy moments, we also know what it takes to amplify your message when you do have timely news to share.

I’ve seen companies with incredible forward momentum fall utterly flat on launch day. Why? Most often it’s because they missed a crucial step in announcement prep or execution. Securing strategic coverage about your major milestone takes careful planning and creative communication. That’s why we created a detailed launch checklist to help guide your next announcement and drive real business results. Bookmark it, print it out, save it to your desktop — make sure it’s handy for your upcoming launch.

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