Carefully Crafted on September 06

Content Marketing: An Invitation to Innovate Best Practices

Storytelling has always been a core component of effective public relations. However, we can’t simply rely on traditional best practices to disseminate those stories. As we think about storytelling — and the outcomes we’re hoping to achieve — we need to realize that what’s worked in the past isn’t enough. To excel in today’s social world, you must be willing to think outside the box and innovate best practices.

This was the focus of my Content Marketing World presentation, which highlighted 4 potential PR-driven, content-marketing outcomes, and three case studies showing these ideas in action — and more importantly, how smart content marketing supported bottom-line business goals. My slides are posted on Slideshare and embedded below. I’d invite you to take a spin and then let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter . How are you using content marketing as a PR tool?


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