Carefully Crafted on September 01

Our latest adventure

Our New Bikes!

This weekend, Mike and I got bicycles (which also provided a good excuse to get some new workout clothes as well!). We went riding yesterday and today — both times for more than 90 minutes. The seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable — that, or I don’t have enough padding. In any case, biking is really fun. The jury is still out in terms of a workout. From what Mike has read, we’re burning more calories biking for an hour-and-a-half than we would just running for a half-hour or so. My legs feel like they’re getting a good workout and I feel like it’s good cardio. I don’t have that “Oh my god, I think I’m going to die” feeling that I get running sometimes. But, in the end, that’s probably a good thing. Maybe I’ll be more likely to ride on a more frequent basis. Only time will tell, but thus far, Mike and I are thoroughly enjoying our new toys!

Anyone know anything about biking vs. running? And, you know how there are 5Ks for running — are there short, fun bike rides like that?

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