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Mobile's Place in PR 2.0

I remember the first time I was involved in a project that potentially included a mobile component. Conceptually, it was a fantastic idea. Actual implementation? The team wasn’t quite sure where to start. The web team was looking to PR for information, while the PR crew was looking to interactive for direction. While that particular project never came to fruition, the initial process illustrates a challenge facing the PR industry (agencies, in-house and independent consultants alike): How and where does mobile fit into the PR 2.0 landscape? Mobile is being touted as “the next frontier,” but are “non-early-adapter” clients interested, or is it just hype at this point? And, how does this kind of communication get integrated into the broader communication strategy?

Mobile was a hot topic during this week’s #pr20chat. The following illustrate some of the perspectives shared during the conversation:

kseniacoffman: probably in B2C; even Google was touting mobile search on the analyst call last week

djschacter: Very interested, have already had 3 mobile text companies come in to show software and apps are in development.

rexr: Funny that it’s only just now the year of mobile, after we’re over 100k mobile apps into it

bgluckman: We’re definitely doing a LOT with mobile this year

jrrubinstein: As restaurants, my clients need me to try to figure out how to leverage apps like Foursquare to increase their clientele.

valeriewindsor: HYPE – it’s a great compliment to what we already have but not the ONLY one we have – mobile is convenient &small – that’s it.

monifree: clients have not asked about it. most are still getting the hang of FB, Twitter

LeighFazzina: Im seeing some interest in mobile from the PR side, but seems to be “where do we get started?”

mshahab: mobile apps will soon have to prove their value in the cluttered market. not enough to just have an app. it should be useful!

spencerspellman: Now with upgrades to the iPhone and the intro of the droid, mobile has no where to go but up

dfriez: there is definitely interest in mobile. Whether you can get the apps to take off, is the real challenge.

And, two of my favorite responses, which remind us that there’s more to mobile than the much-publicized apps:

30lines: Understand that mobile means different things. Your audience may not be ready for SMS, but you can have a mobile site.

bgluckman: Mobile is moving away from apps, towards web-based sites. Phone browsers are improving rapidly.

Justin Goldsborough, who co-moderates the chat with me, created a poll about this very topic. We hope you’ll weigh in:

Your turn: What’s your take on mobile, and how does it fit into the PR landscape?

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