Carefully Crafted on September 22

Get Inspired and Stay Focused With NEW Desktop Wallpapers!

If you’ve spent any time around the Geben team, you know by now that we love our House Rules. These ten guidelines form the very core of who we are as an agency. They direct every decision we make, so it’s only natural that we’d want to see them everywhere we go.

The best part? While the House Rules are our fresh take on values, the rules themselves are applicable in almost every situation. (For example, “No Jerks Allowed” and “Celebrate Success” should be core to every business!) That’s whywe partnered with designer and blogger Candidly Keri to create these amazing desktop wallpapers — and why we’re so excited to share them with you! Need a little motivation to embrace the crazy or celebrate success? Grab your favorite design below! If you add one of these wallpapers to your computer, snap a pic and share with me on Twitter or Instagram (I’m @prTini and @heatherwhaling, respectively) … can’t wait to see!

Geben House Rules: Embrace the CrazyGeben House Rules: Do Well By Doing Good
Geben House Rules: Own it Geben House Rules: No Jerks Allowed Geben House Rules: No Jerks AllowedGeben House Rules: Celebrate Success

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