Carefully Crafted on September 25

Google Sidewiki: Game Changer?

An announcement yesterday from the King Of The Internet — unveiling the Google Sidewiki — has the potential to be a major game changer. From Google’s blog:

What if everyone, from a local expert to a renowned doctor, had an easy way of sharing their insights with you about any page on the web? What if you could add your own insights for others who are passing through?

Now you can. Today, we’re launching Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

As the always-insightful Jason Falls put it, Google is “force feeding” social media on the world. Eek — that’s a scary thought. And yet, very exciting … think of the potential. Bottom line: Whether your company has willingly embraced social media, or not, your website just became a social space.

If you’re not participating in social media, does this make you rethink your decision? What are the implications of this new tool from a businesses stand point? Will catch on?

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