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Facebook Groups and Collaboration

I’m working on a blog post about Facebook groups as collaboration tools. I’m a member of the HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out) group, so I’ve seen how Arik and Valerie used the group to plan a series of events across the country along with a live Twitter chat. I’m also a member of the PR Student Chat Student Forum — a lively group of (mostly) students and young pros discussing trends and their experiences in the field. Team Cbus, part of the Chevy Road to South by Southwest Challenge, used a Facebook group as a main source of collaboration.

My point is this: I’ve seen a number of Facebook groups pop-up and foster strong dialogue on a variety of topics. But, here’s what I want to know: What opportunities exist for brands to use Facebook groups? Have you seen any organizations use groups effectively? Or, are Facebook groups most useful among informal communities of people?

Next week, I’ll be sharing insights from a number of Facebook group moderators, but before I do that, I want your input. How do you think Facebook groups can be used for collaboration? Is there a business angle? Are you a member of any collaborative groups?  What works? What doesn’t? Share your experiences and ideas in the comments. I’ll highlight the best ones in my post next week.

Ready, set, go! The comments are yours …


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