Collaborative Public Relations

Whether you’re pitching a trend … or a human interest story – two (or more) resources are better than one. Journalists are being asked to do more with less — which means they don’t have time to chase down interviews. Smart PR people realize this and are finding ways to help journalists (think HARO). Another way to help busy journalists? Instead of just pitching your client, provide reporters and bloggers with multiple sources.

Within agencies, this kind of “packaged pitching” is already taking place; however, freelancers, boutique agencies and small businesses don’t always have these kinds of resources available. Until now.

Pitch with Me helps PR people collaborate amongst each other to discover potential resources. Think of this site as a forum to share “needs” … to partner with each other to assemble more complete packages and increase the odds of capturing a reporter’s attention. If you have a query or want to be a resource, check out the website.

Where did this come from? Soon after I started Geben Communication, I was working on a pitch for a client and realized I had an okay pitch, but it had the potential to be a great pitch … if only I could find another resource. And Pitch with Me was born. I have no idea if it will work or not. But, I truly believe that if we work together, we can deliver better results for our clients. And, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you have questions, comments, suggestions for improvement — I’m all ears. Email me at heather [at] gebencommunication [dot] com, or shoot me a message on Twitter. I’m @prTini.

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