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5 Must-Read PR and Social Media Enewsletters

We all get too much email — and the last thing you probably want is something else to read; however, some enewsletters stand apart from the onslaught of randomness in your inbox. I’ve compiled the ones I think all PR pros should be reading. The best part? Three of these recommendations are daily enewsletters, but the other two are monthly — meaning less clutter in your inbox. Helpful, right?

  • The NavigatorJason Falls‘ newsletter is easily one of my favorites. As in, I often stop what I’m doing to read it and then share it on Twitter … it’s that good. He offers more in-depth analysis and strategy than readers gets from his blog, plus he shares tools to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Help a Reporter — Three times a day, you’ll receive an email from Peter Shankman filled with reporters’ queries, often 50 per email. The idea is that everyone is an expert at something. “Sharing your expertise may land you that big media opportunity you’ve been looking for.” This is ideal for small businesses who may not be quite ready to work with a PR person.
  • Commentz — Each day PR pro Sarah Evans shares her top five articles or posts related to PR, social media, journalism and online trends. From her website, “It’s a daily, electronic recap of  hot topics and blog posts most likely to generate lots of conversation (or comments).”
  • PR Daily — Along the same lines as Commentz, this newsletter delivers the day’s PR-focused blog posts straight to your inbox.
  • Human Business Works — Sadly, Chris Brogan retired  his original enewsletter, which was fantastic. But, he’s replaced it with this new one to focus more on business capabilities and what Chris calls “escape velocity.” Always makes you think.

What other newsletters would you add to this list?


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