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4 Questions to Incorporate Influencer Outreach into Content Marketing

questionWhen executing a content marketing initiative, influencer outreach is often a key part of the promotion strategy. After all, content marketing only works if it reaches and resonates with the right audience. Pre-seeding content among targeted influencers can give the content an early boost and spur initial momentum.

But, how do you determine which influencers are right for a content push? Start by asking yourself these four questions:

  • Does their community align with your brand’s target audiences?
  • If so, would their community be excited about this content?
  • Can your content succeed on that channel?
  • Can your brand meaningfully participate in that network with this content?

If you answer no to any of these questions, rethink whether this is the best opportunity to engage that particular influencer. It may be better work with that influencer on something else in the future. Save the “ask” for the best opportunity.


Photo credit: Bilal Kamoon


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