Carefully Crafted on October 11

Changing Perceptions via Social Media

Whether you’re just getting started in social media … or have been experimenting but want to add some strategy to your efforts, these slides are for you. Last week, I had the pleasure of leading a social media seminar for Ohio Public Images — a collection of communication pros, most of whom work for organizations committed to enhancing how people view those with disabilities.

The slides start with some stats, review 5 myths of social media (more blog posts coming on these topics soon), as well as an overview of “the Big 3” networks, a discussion about social media policies and some case studies, followed by 6 steps to create a social media plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the slides. And, if you’re looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, let’s talk. Email me: heather [at]

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