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Blogger Outreach: Advice from Healthy Living Blogger Meghann Anderson

Last week, we talked about how to pitch Mashable — a major online news site with lots of editors and contributors. This week, let’s shift the blogger outreach focus to blogs run by one person. If your work is anything like the blogger relations work we’re doing at Geben Communication, you’re probably spending a lot of time pitching these kinds of blogs. Some post a couple times a day … others post a couple times a week.

Some ways pitching bloggers is different than pitching traditional media:

  • Bloggers don’t answer to editors. They answer to their communities.
  • Bloggers don’t have “deadlines” like typical journalists who are forced to live within the news cycle.
  • Bloggers are very protective of their communities, probably more so than journalists.
  • Bloggers’ goals are different than reporters. Understand the blogger’s motivation first and you’ll pitching success rate will be much higher than if you just “spray and pray.”

I asked my friend Meghann Anderson, the voice of, to share some tips. Meghann’s blog keeps growing — she’s up to about 25,000 hits per day. Obviously, the bigger her site gets, the more pitches she receives from PR people. This video is just over five-minutes, but if you’re in the business of pitching bloggers, it’s a must-watch, especially the part where she explains how to secure a guest post or interview. (If you’re reading this through RSS and can’t see the video, click here to watch it.)

PS Sorry for the low quality. I just moved and boxes have overtaken my life. Next video will have much better lighting — I promise! 🙂

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